To wear Risona, you need not be courageous, but require your own individuality. Risona creates timeless, elegant and non-interchangeable fashion which also is practical. They only apply premium-quality cloth and materials.

Cologne is the place where the fashion of Risona is created. It was in Cologne, where Joseph Beuys performed. And it was also Cologne, where Keith Jarrett played his famous piano concert, “The Cöln Concert”. Cologne thus is a place of inspiration, a place to nourish extraordinary ideas.

It is here where a dedicated team led by its director Thanh Minh creates a special, distinctive fashion. Thanh Minh, aka Tomo, the chief-designer of Risona, feels called to create a fashion which does not follow current trends, a fashion which does not dominate its wearers, but sets marked accents and lends a distinct aura.

The Risona line is easy to clean as Tomo has a strong belief that clothes do not need chemistry to be cleaned.