Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

Hello again!

Coco here, sorry it has been so long, but I am a lazy shop dog and have a reputation to keep up. (Seriously Darlings, it's not easy sleeping on this pillow all day long, especially when I'm expected to get up and greet everyone who comes in the store.)

So there has been much excitement, we had a very fun photo shoot with our local San Diego artist/ photographer C. Castle and the lovely Markie Regan!! and me yes, I love to photo bomb, and got in on one of the wearable art vests, tee hee.

Lot's of new items in too! Mod Collective, Tara Vao, Lyng Designs, and a new Line coming from North Carolina next week - De Loach! So come in! come in! check it all out and bring me a treat.

Lots of love!

Kisses Coco


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